Joomla World Conference 2017

I was given the opportunity from both and Rutgers to attend the Joomla World Conference in Rome, Italy for 2017.  Here are some of my thoughts about it, and photos, of course!

Joomla World Conference - 2017

Italy, The Italian Bridge

Written by: Laura Gordon, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

First of all, I must thank the entire team at OSM for considering and granting me the scholarship for JWC2017.  I have been grateful to give so much to the community over the years, and it felt so good to be recognized.  I can only hope that I can continue to help the Joomla community in the future.

The event had 3 main themes to it that I would like to focus on...Theme number 1 is the social / friendship effect that the joomla community has on me and so many others.  Theme number 2 is the extensive knowledge of Joomla that was shared at the conference and how we can make Joomla better with action.  Theme number 3 includes the other topics that were covered at the conference just a little outside of the joomla technology, but with this knowledge will help us all to become better Joomlers and joomla developers.

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Own MANY domain names for your Business!

own domains

Over the years, I have advised my clients to make sure you OWN MANY DOMAIN names for your business.  Now in politics you can really see the danger of not buying up those domains with .org, .com.  Now if you don't care, if your goes to a different place, then no worries.  However if you are concerned about your business 'ownership', make sure you own domains with different extensions and that they all point to YOUR website!

An example of domain names gone wrong is, and  A domain name will only cost you at most $20 per year...think about that!  This doesn't mean you need to purchase every single iteration of your business name, but it is a good idea to get a few...or else someone finding your company...may be brought to your competitor!  

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My site got HACKED!!! What do I do??

So this story is a true, but sad one...yes my site, got hacked!  Over the past several years I have walked my clients through what to do when their own site gets hacked, but for myself, who am I to call?  So I figure I might as well put it all out there, to help others...and don't be the shoemaker with holes in their shoes!  Because basically late last night that is exactly what I felt like!

1. How do you know if your site is hacked?

If your site starts acting strangely, or you see unknown content on your site then it is likely someone from somewhere was 'playing with it'.  Visit: and put in your URL.  This site is what hosting companies use to determine what has happened to a site.

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