We had a vision and she helped us to get there

Laura was wonderful to work with. We had a vision and she helped us to get there Laura understood our needs and restraints and recommended solutions that worked for us. She never let us go too far down the path without truly understanding what we wanted which saved time and money Besides her keen sense of “look and feel”, Laura is a wonderful teacher. She was patient and took us through things step by step; slowly enough to allow us to understand what we were doing. She was extremely responsive when we had questions, and Comforting when we got confused. Many times it would have been easier to do things herself, instead she made us do it so we didn’t become reliant on her. With her help and guidance we went from template to go-live in 8 weeks!!, and Laura truly handed us the keys. Our congregants love the new website and we love that we can manage the site ourselves. I highly recommend Laura. We never could have done this without Laura and I thank her immensely for making me look like a hero!! - Marc Rothstein, Executive Director, Temple Emanuel

Efficient, Patient & Professional

"Laura is great at what she does...very efficient, patient & professional. She works with you to design your website just the way you want it. I'm extremely happy with her service and would highly recommend her." - Phyllis, Just Nitpickin

Empowered our team...

"Laura is very committed to her clients and their ultimate success.  Her expertise, patience and easygoing teaching style made it a pleasure to work with her. Thank you Laura! You've empowered our team to be independent by enabling us to maintain our website ourselves."

Cindy Fong
Design Director

Pleasure working with Laura

It’s been a pleasure working with Laura on our website upgrade/re-design. 

Laura worked with the library on the original upgrade and took the site from clumsy HTML to sleek and functional Joomla.  Now, with the redesign/upgrade to new Joomla release, the site looks and functions better than ever.  Our site (www.sfplnj.org) is getting a lot of complements from colleagues in library community.

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Impressed by her passion...

I'm William Distelcamp, the owner of Liquid Hair Salon in East Brunswick. I am writing this testimonial to let everyone know about the truely great experience I had with Laura in creating our website (LiquidHairSalon.com).

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Worked as a great team...

"When I first spoke with Laura I was impressed by how much she was willing to explain exactly how she would design our site, The PCI Knowledge Base, www.KnowPCI.com.

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Running a company...I think the company runs me...

I am an ‘Engineer who is running a company (although sometimes I think the company runs me)’.  I met Laura at a Joomla NYC conference in the late fall of 2009. She made me quickly and professionally know that my concerns, processes and mental roadblocks were all very normal, easily worked through and that she did a lot of the creative cooking.

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