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Digital Marketing - Mini MBA

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  • Course Description:

    This Digital Marketing class gave me the opportunity to learn everything from the ground up about digital marketing.  From the evaluation of the customer, pay per click, content shock, search, and most importantly how to understand the return on your investment. 

  • Project Description:

    My project focused on the company, ThrillCoaster Tours.  The company at the time was 17 years old, but it is still a small 'grassroots' company.  It has always competed against teen travel tours that were much larger, fancier, and with a much larger marketing budget.  Through this evaluation and complete digital marketing plan, our base was typically in a given year ThrillCoaster Tours would have 8 new campers, after focusing on this strategy the company for 2021 had 18 new campers, and in 2022 had 23 new campers.

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