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Information Architecture

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  • Course Description:

    Information Architecture is the study and the science of how information can be structured and organized.  It isn't just about the 'site map', but an overall view of how the information can be categorized and organized and most importantly can be found?  Can we determine what needs to be found and why? 

  • Project Description:

    We reviewed the website for the New Brunswick Public Library.  Initially, at first glance, it is not that apparent how much content and how many pages exist in the current website.  First we learned about the patrons and the purpose of the website, and how it must meet different needs since it is a city based/walking library with different requirements than some of the neighborhood libraries.  Through extensive testing and research, we were able to propose to the library a more efficient way of displaying their data both from the home page and other landing pages of the site, and also of the overall sitemap.

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