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Yo-Musa Capstone Project

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  • Course Description:

    The purpose of this capstone was to work with a group of people and build a product concept from a patent into a viable product.  We created marketing plans, budgets and determine from start to finish how this product could go to market.  At the end of the semester, we presented our product to our fellow students and to judges who asked us questions about the product that we created.


  • Project Description:

    Why did we form YoMusa? As an avid cyclist, I would enjoy my 3-hour ride around NJ and NY. At the end of the ride, we would stop by a neighborhood coffee shop or supermarket to grab a quick snack to cool off and replenish. There were only limited options with dry and chewy energy bars, sugary energy drinks, or frozen desserts filled with sugar, and additives and often contain food allergens. Chocolate milk would be perfect, but I’m allergic to milk along with some other cyclists. I needed to find a solution and searched and found this novel patent that uses green banana flour to make plant-based yogurt which we will use for our frozen desserts.

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