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2021: The beloved founder Lynda Johnson passed away.  We will miss her terribly.

2019: We had another 'iteration' of this website, this time we simplified the site into one single site.  We cleaned up the design and the individual page designs for a clean and modern look!

2015: We upgraded, both their industry site and consumer site to Joomla 3.4.  We also made the site mobile-friendly according to Google.  We changed some of the design elements, but the key functionality where the owners can update their own site stayed the same!

2011: Kidstylesource came to me with a website already in place.  The problem was that the owners of the company could not maintain the content themselves.  The programmer that was hired did a beautiful job of designing the website, but you needed to be a javascript programmer in order to add any images to the site. Being a trend magazine website this is unacceptable.  All owners of a Joomla! website should be able to maintain their own content, that is why they built the site in joomla! So with the help of a gallery tool, ignite gallery, and some slick programming from Donna Vincent (, and lots of one on one training,  we added plugins / modules to the site so all members in the company could add their own images themselves.  It was an empowering experience for me as well, because we were able to bring their website to the next level, and now the company members can really participate in the content of the website, and not just the text. Do you have a project where you feel you are being 'controlled' by your progammer?  Contact us, and we might have a solution for you! Website: a target