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  • Kibbutz Tzuba
    Kibbutz Tzuba

    Tzuba, Jeruslaem, Israel, March 2019

  • Copenhagen Stork Fountain
    Copenhagen Stork Fountain

    Copenhagen, Denmark, Stork Fountain on Amagertov, May 2019

  • Ocean City, NJ
    Ocean City, NJ

    Sunrise from the Jersey Shore, April 2022

  • Tel Aviv
    Tel Aviv

    Sunset at the beach, Tel Aviv, Israel, March 2019

  • Sedona, Arizona
    Sedona, Arizona

    A glimpse of the history of rocks... Sedona, Arizona, December 2020

  • New York City
    New York City

    From the 80th Floor of the Freedom Tower, The Top of the World, May 2017

  • Cream Ridge Farms, NJ
    Cream Ridge Farms, NJ

    Yes there are Tulips in New Jersey!  April 2022

  • Grand Canyon
    Grand Canyon

    Grand Canyon, USA, December 2020

  • Central Park, NYC
    Central Park, NYC

    A stroll in THE park, Central Park, NYC, May 2019

  • Maverick Roller Coaster
    Maverick Roller Coaster

    Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio, Maverick Roller Coaster, June 2021

  • Marbella, Spain
    Marbella, Spain

    Forum for the Future with Joomla!  Sunset.  January 2020

  • Rome, Italy
    Rome, Italy

    On a break during the Joomla World Conference, Rome, Italy November 2017

  • Masada

    Sunrise at Masada, March 2019

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