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  • Rome, Italy
    Rome, Italy

    On a break during the Joomla World Conference, Rome, Italy November 2017

  • Copenhagen Stork Fountain
    Copenhagen Stork Fountain

    Copenhagen, Denmark, Stork Fountain on Amagertov, May 2019

  • Sedona, Arizona
    Sedona, Arizona

    A glimpse of the history of rocks... Sedona, Arizona, December 2020

  • Maverick Roller Coaster
    Maverick Roller Coaster

    Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio, Maverick Roller Coaster, June 2021

  • Cream Ridge Farms, NJ
    Cream Ridge Farms, NJ

    Yes there are Tulips in New Jersey!  April 2022

  • Tel Aviv
    Tel Aviv

    Sunset at the beach, Tel Aviv, Israel, March 2019

  • New York City
    New York City

    From the 80th Floor of the Freedom Tower, The Top of the World, May 2017

  • Ocean City, NJ
    Ocean City, NJ

    Sunrise from the Jersey Shore, April 2022

  • Marbella, Spain
    Marbella, Spain

    Forum for the Future with Joomla!  Sunset.  January 2020

  • Kibbutz Tzuba
    Kibbutz Tzuba

    Tzuba, Jeruslaem, Israel, March 2019

  • Masada

    Sunrise at Masada, March 2019

  • Central Park, NYC
    Central Park, NYC

    A stroll in THE park, Central Park, NYC, May 2019

  • Grand Canyon
    Grand Canyon

    Grand Canyon, USA, December 2020

Consulting, Training & Documentation

The best website clients are those that are 'in the know'.  I have found that the best websites come from a complete collaboration between myself and the client.  This can only be done when the client understands Joomla!  The client doesn't need to be an 'expert', but by knowing the 'ins and outs of joomla', they will ask the right questions, and really take their website where it needs to go.

Database Analysis Consulting starts at $125 per hour, with a min. of 5 hours of work.

Training / Documentation starts at $100 per hour, with a min. of 5 hours of work

Onsite Training

  • Starts at: $1,500 per day onsite training, plus travel expenses
  • Additional hours onsite: $125 / hour

Learning Sybase in the 1990's, I began early with learning the concepts of efficient storing of data in a financial management system.  Since then I have converted databases from multiple field spreadsheets, from access in Oracle and SQL databases.

For the past 10 years I have assisted companies with analyzing their data in order to fix data integrity issues.  In addition based on various business rules, determine if computer programs create the data appropriately.

Many companies still have important data stored in either MS Word or in MS Excel worksheets, which can be fine in order to manipulate the data, but it limits what you can really analyze.  I can assist you in converting this data into a database format so it can be reported on and analyzed more efficiently.

I can create documentation and training materials for any type of application, as this has been my background since 1989.  Since 1989 I have been training, testing and documenting many different types of applications

Rutgers - School of Arts and Sciences

I currently teach several courses to Faculty, Administrators & Staff on the following topics:

  • Joomla, Intro, Images, Galleries, Modules, Custom Fields, Advanced Editing
  • Docusign, Introduction, complex Power Forms
  • image Editing tools

  • I have created a course, Adding Dynamic Functionality to your Joomla Website through (no longer offered on LinkedinLearning).

  • I am proud to have been selected by to be one of their NYC instructors.  Visit the website to see class dates and times.  They offer many different types of classes, and I am happy to be on their team.

Joomla!® Training

    • Each one of my clients receives training sessions via skype / phone on how to use their Joomla!® systems. I feel very strongly that my clients must understand how to maintain their Joomla!® site in order to be happy with it. Joomla!® is an exciting content management system to use, but it can be complex...with patience even the least experienced business owner can run their site with confidence.

Trainer with Chubb Computer Services

    • Corporate Training Division
    • Created courses and taught courses at corporate client sites and onsite at Chubb Computer Services.  Taught with the prestigious Top Gun program.
    • Chubb Institute
    • Created courses and taught with the Chubb Institute

Joomla Day Events

I have presented at the following Joomla Day events over the years on many different topics.

  • JoomlaDayFlorida
  • JoomlaDay NYC (3 years)
  • JoomlaDay New England (2 years)
  • JoomlaCamp NY
  • User Group Meetings
  • I have also coordinated the following events:
    • JoomlaDay NYC: 2009, 2011, 2012
    • JoomlaCamp: 2010- 2019
    • JdayUSA 2021, 2022 and upcoming 2023