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JoomlaNxt - November - Make your Joomla Website Dance

I was thrilled to present at the JoomlaNxt November 2021 Session

Summary of Presentation:

Using only Joomla 4 to make the 'magic happen', join me as I take you through how to add functionality to your Joomla website to make it more dynamic in displaying content, and easier to work with for your customers.  A Content Management System is only as good as how you put the 'pieces together', if done properly you and your client will have an easier time maintaining it moving forward.  The ultimate goal for any website is for it to be easy to maintain, and easy to gather information from.


  • Random Image Module - Display a slideshow from core!
  • Language Overrides - easy and powerful!
  • Articles in a Category Module - not just a ‘list’!
  • News Flash - how can you use this in a new way?
  • Tabs & sliders in content - get rid of long pages…
  • Easy Admin - EASY for your ‘non techie’ to add content
  • Put it all together with module - LET’s DANCE!