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Custom HTML Module

One of the advantages of working with a content management system such as Joomla! is how easy it is to change information on your website.

The Joomla! website is arranged with various positions where mini 'programs' called modules can be placed.  Modules can include many different types of programs from Latest Artices Written, Stock Ticker, a video, or even something custom. 

Using the Custom HTML Module gives you the chance to put in any code, image or text on a specific are of your website.  I like to use this custom html module to add a logo to my website, or maybe if I want to add specific instructions to a customer or a 'call out to action'.

My course, Getting Started with Joomla! gives you the basics on exactly how to built and manage your Joomla! website.  Once taking this course you will have the tools to edit and change your current website.

Please enjoy this free lesson on how to use the HTML Module on your own joomla site, or take the entire course to learn even more about Joomla!