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Must have tools

In the last class that I taught in NYC, the students requested that I create a 'best of' of a 'must have tool list' for joomla!  So I figured, why not.

Some things to think about...


1. Should I just install all of these components on a blank site, and make a backup of it, and use it as a 'base site' for all of my sites?  No.  Everything I build a Joomla! site, I always go back to see what the newest and the greatest for each tool will be.  Although mentally I always use this list, personally I prefer building up my site from scratch...

2. So do I just use free or commercial or subscription tools? This depends, some tools I get 'freebies', while many others when I have the opportunity I do chose to purchase a subscription.  Let's support those amazing developers out there that are building tools for us, so we can make amazing websites!

So here is my list:

  • Akeeba Backup
  • Akeeba admin tools
  • ignite gallery
  • masscontent
  • jce editor
  • docman
  • nice social icons
  • twitter feed
  • jEvents
  • aidanews

I hope this helps all of you out there!