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Own MANY domain names for your Business!

own domains

Over the years, I have advised my clients to make sure you OWN MANY DOMAIN names for your business.  Now in politics you can really see the danger of not buying up those domains with .org, .com.  Now if you don't care, if your goes to a different place, then no worries.  However if you are concerned about your business 'ownership', make sure you own domains with different extensions and that they all point to YOUR website!

An example of domain names gone wrong is, and  A domain name will only cost you at most $20 per year...think about that!  This doesn't mean you need to purchase every single iteration of your business name, but it is a good idea to get a few...or else someone finding your company...may be brought to your competitor!  

Is this legal?

This is completely legal, anyone can purchase any domain name, as long as they are willing to pay for it.  This has nothing to do with business licenses, llc's, or tax ids.

Should you buy back order names?

This could start an expensive proposition.  Godaddy offers a service for a certain amount of money to place the name on 'back order', so when it becomes availble you get 'first bid', this may not always happen, and it depends on your budget.

Should you spend thousands on your name?

Depending on your budget, there are domain brokers out there that may own the name, and are trying to sell it for a top rate, it is a nasty business, and one that you may not win in the end, so be careful.

How many names should you get?

Again it is up to your budget.  Get as many as you are comfortable with.

What types of names should I purchase?

I would recommend to always have a domain that includes the 'type of business' you are.  For example if your business is Joe Smith Plumbing, you may buy,, but make sure you also purchase, and perhaps  Potential clients will not be looking for 'joe smith', but they will be searching for 'plumber', in your area.